• Pressure rinse to remove dirt & grime
  • Foam shampoo bath
  • Wheels are thoroughly detailed
  • Wheels wells are cleaned
  • Tires are cleaned & dressed
  • Exhaust tips are polished
  • Gentle two bucket hand wash
  • Hand & air dried
  • Door, trunk & gas jambs are cleaned
  • Exterior glass & mirrors are cleaned
  • Blow out loose debris
  • Thoroughly vacuum carpets, mats & upholstery
  • Removable floor mats are shampooed
  • All season rubber mats are cleaned
  • Wipe down all cabin surfaces
  • Interior glass & mirrors are cleaned

Our two bucket wash ensures a true vehicle cleaning. After a pressure wash, we perform a double foam soak on your vehicle, letting it sit to ensure all the dirt rises from the surface. Then, we utilize a two-bucket process to wash the vehicle thoroughly. One bucket is filled with soap and water, while another bucket has a grit guard that traps all the dirt and contaminants we scrub from the vehicle. This process ensures an end-product that’s not only glossy, but truly spotless!




Waxing We offer carnauba wax, which provides long lasting protection for your vehicle from environmental contamination, bugs, salt, and precipitation. Carnauba -based wax is derived from the leaves of Brazilian palm trees. Carnauba forms a layer around the leaves which protects them from humidity, and repels rainfall to hydrate the tree. Carnauba wax is mixed with various other corrosion preventing substances, and one layer provides six to eight weeks of defense for your vehicle. Your car will not only shine, rain will harmlessly bead up and fall off your vehicle instead of disintegrating into it.

Clay Bar Treatment: Clay bar treatment de-contaminates vehicle surfaces. In a city like New York, vehicles are exposed to potential contaminants such as rail/brake dust, bug residue, sap, tar, and more. A clay bar is an abrasive instrument that will absorb these contaminants and leave your vehicle as smooth as ever.

Iron-X Treatment: Traditional soap and water isn’t strong enough to eliminate the iron deposits that bond to your vehicle and contaminate your paint. If untreated, this can lead to paint system failure, which looks as bad as it sounds. Iron-X treatment is specifically formulated to remove the sludge that collects and eats away at your rims, and paint job. It’s essentially exfoliating treatment for vehicles!

Engine/Undercarriage Cleaning: We will open your vehicle’s hood or place it on a lift to treat the normally neglected areas of your vehicle. Build-up of dust and dirt in your engine can cause engine failure, and an untreated undercarriage can deteriorate every part listed in the picture below, which can have disastrous consequences. We will utilize our collection of cleaners to not only provide a thorough treatment to your engine and/or undercarriage, but seal them from future damage.

Off-Wheel Detailing: We utilize pH balanced cleaners to eliminate brake dust and debris. All wheels are removed from the vehicle and meticulously cleaned. We use a range of brushes to thoroughly clean the spokes, barrel, and lug nuts along your rims. After cleaning, the wheels are polished and coated with CQuartz DLUX for long-term protection.

Headlight Restoration: Over time, oxidation and environmental contamination can fog up your headlights, limiting their function. Our headlight restoration service promises to bring them back to their original state and guide you through the night with a strong, brilliant light.

Vehicle Trim Protectant:In the winter especially, the elements will affect the vitality of your vehicle’s trim. Prolonged exposure to cold air or UV rays can eventually erode your trim. We will apply CQuartz protectant to your trim, and ensure it maintains factory state.

Tar Removal: We utilize sprays and cleaners to thoroughly remove the road tar from your paint job.


Carpet shampooing & extraction

Cloth seat shampooing & extraction

Spot stain removal

Headliner cleaning

Leather seat conditioning

Apply protectant to all surfaces

Pet Hair removal

Odor Removal

Paint Correction is the process of restoring the quality of a vehicles paint by removing light to moderate visible defects such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, holograms, water spots and etching.
Swirls and scratches are introduced into the clear coat from improper washing and drying techniques. These defects make the paint look dull because light is deflected. With the use of proper products, equipment, knowledge and skills, these defects are leveled out to produce a deep glossy finish.
Carpro’s DLUX: DLUX restores & protects against UV rays for up to 2 years. It can be applied to plastic trim, rubber trim, engine bays, headlights, foglights, tailights, wheels, tires, metal trim, exhaust tips, chrome & plastic wheel wells.
CarPro’s CQuartz Leather & Vinyl: Provides protection for 1 to 2 years. Hydrophobic & oil phobic. Resistant against stains, chemicals, ultra violent rays, fading, & dye transfer. Easier to clean!CarPro’s Flyby Glass Coating: Durability up to 2 years. Repels water, dirt, dust, salt, ice & snow.
Formula Auto Care is an authorized detailer of Carpro’s CQuartz Finest nanotech ceramic paint coating. Paint coatings offer a permanent protection lasting upwards of 2-3 years & replaces traditional forms of protection such as wax or sealants.
CQuartz finest provides an added 3µm measurable thickness, long term durability, superior hydrophobic “water repellent” properties & a high gloss glass finish.CQuartz Finest is resistant to brake dust, iron contaminates, environmental contaminates bird droppings, bug residue, tar, ultra violet rays, industrial fall out, fine swirls & marring.